Without good communication, a company is handicapped from the outset. With excellent communication, it becomes easy to excel in your field. However, there are numerous challenges to smooth effective communication because of the diversity commonly found inside businesses today. The answer to this quandary is Corporate Explorer Training’s Cross Boundary Communication Module.

Communication Exchange
  • Identify the Root Elements of Communication
  • Learn How to Effectively Listen
  • Practice Giving Feedback so it is Heard
  • Find Out What Works – AND What Doesn’t
  • Develop a Positive System of Communication
  • Create Clear Channels Inside the Workplace


This module is designed to be delivered in a one and a half to three hour segment. It can be stand alone – or be combined with any other Corporate Explorer Training or Canadian Outback program. The progression keeps your people engaged as the curriculum builds.

Cross Boundary Communication aim In keeping with our prime objectives, the Cross Boundary Communication Module is FUN! As the activities become more and more dynamic, groups become more attentive. When the slingshots with their marshmallow ammunition enter the game, everyone pays close attention.
There are several opportunities for teams to excel by using fluid communication, great teamwork and being efficient. Using marshmallows as slingshot ammo automatically creates a memorable occasion so this is one training that people will both enjoy and recall once the session concludes. Communication Slingshot
Communication Brain Jam Improving communication automatically means that people will need to put the concepts into practice as a part of the workshop. Everyone is given multiple opportunities to begin working on their own personal communication objectives – as well as focusing on working effectively within their team.