Productive Practices

More than ever, companies are looking to get value from funds they spend on education and events for their staff. Combining the element of professional development with engaging Adventures is a great way to do this.

Each of these principles will be discussed in a facilitated dialogue. This will be followed by a fun, experiential Adventure or game that will drive the concept home.


How the program works:

This is a modular program that can be tailored to the needs of the organization. It can be delivered as either:

  • A half-day program ~ 3.5 hours

  • A full-day program ~ 7-8 hours (with meal break)

Benefits to client include:


  • Doubling up on value with Team Activity and Employee Skills Training
  • Boosting the company bottom line as new Habits are learned and put into practice
  • A natural way to enhance team building with a non-traditional and fun training
  • Customizable program that can be tweaked to focus on the most important issues for your business
  • Facilitation by a recognized expert as part of the package
  • Better employee retention and satisfaction as easily absorbed concepts are taught
  • More effective attitude concerning challenges and ongoing projects
  • Productivity boosted as efficiency is increased
  • A TON of FUN on this Training Adventure

Participants will both learn all the Outstanding Practices and have a chance to put them to practice during the program. It is a fun, interactive and engaging environment.

7 Habits Training
Chess Construction

Your people will surprise you with what is possible in 12 minutes time using highly productive practices.


Chess Complete

Whether you choose the half or full day, in either case, there will be stand alone interactive introduction to the program AND a wrap up that will review and reinforce the principles.  For the half-day program, companies will get to customize their program by selecting 3 of the most suitable and desirable Habits to focus on. The other 4 habits in this case, will be briefly reviewed.

The full-day program will feature ALL 8 Productive Practices. In certain cases, it would be possible to cover this in two half-day sessions to accommodate a client’s needs.

Team Celebration