Lights, Camera, Action!

Everyone can be a star. Especially when playing on a top notch team.

With today’s technology, making a movie has never been easier. However, in today’s media-saturated culture, making a STAND OUT movie that demonstrates imagination, has never been harder. These contrary statements make Corporate Explorer Training’s Lights Camera Action program a box office smash.
This Lights Camera Action event will stretch people’s boundaries as they are put on teams tasked with producing a mini-movie featuring a specific theme or message. Not only will they have to create an outline, script, storyboard and complete story arc, they will then have to direct, shoot, light, star, act, sing, dance and help edit the finished video.



Corporate Explorer Training’s expert facilitators and video editing specialists will work with the raw materials provided by your teams to put together a final cut so all the movies can be highlighted at a Special Screening a short time after the session completes. These videos can also be uploaded to share with others so the reach of Lights Camera Action can reach far beyond and be enjoyed by friends, family and other team mates who were not in attendance.

There will be a series of benchmarks to meet so that teams will have set deliverables that will mark progress as the program unfolds. A quick primer on the elements of great productions will also set people up to win. An emphasis on entertainment, pacing and editing will keep teams focused as they become Hollywood Players.

Some of the skills that will be necessary to succeed as a team during Lights Camera Adventure include:

  • Identifying and communicating a concise story
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Healthy decision making process within the team
  • Ability to embrace unfamiliar roles with enthusiasm
  • Innovative use of surrounding environs for movie sets
  • Creative costume design from unconventional raw materials
  • Clear vision shared by entire team
  • Balanced distribution of human capital to utilize all team talents
  • Realistic time management skills and prioritization of tasks
  • Creating an infectious sense of passion and fun

The number of possible themes to set up these mini-masterpieces is unlimited: company history, real life cartoons, action hero, organizational values, celebration of key people, music videos, superhero tales, patriotic stories, cliff notes versions of popular movies, documentaries, cultural phenomenons, top ten lists and more.