Mission Incredible

This is an adventurous, mission-based Corporate Explorer Training program that can be adapted to suit any group size or event setting. The beautiful thing about selecting the Mission Incredible is that the challenges and tasks chosen can be tailored to both your people and the environment. It will be delivered by an experienced facilitator, so learning outcomes can be directly integrated if desired.


We’ve got an array of missions covering different areas:

  • Physical Challenges
  • Intellectual Tasks
  • Adventurous Missions
  • Unique Local Opportunities
  • Collaborative Operations
  • Public Interaction-based Tasks

A successful Mission Incredible program will consist of a series of missions customized to suit your overall objectives, your unique group, the geographic area, local environment and any special requests your might have. The program is infinitely adjustable to maximize the interactivity and take advantage of any unusual local features.

Perhaps the most compelling part of Mission Incredible is that it will ONLY be delivered by experienced facilitators who are experienced working with senior people from organizations of all sizes, from local non-profits to Fortune 500 companies, adept at incorporating learning elements should that be important to you.